Actress lands in messy waters after topless birthday photos

Actress lands in messy waters after topless birthday photos


Some months ago, Potpourri published a piece on how Nollywood actresses are turning their birthday celebrations into sensual displays with sexually explicit photos to commemorate the day.

This is a development some of their fans have found as amusing and as disgusting as they come.

To the actresses, this is a new trend to be followed if they must catch up with the other Janes in the industry. In fact, a birthday celebration is no longer complete in Nollywood without release of some juicy visuals by the celebrant.

When Nollywood actress, Chelsea Eze, celebrated her birthday, days ago, with release of some topless pictures, like some of her colleagues have done in the past, little did she know, she would be hanging herself on a stake.

Though, some warm greetings came her way from colleagues who saluted her courage for expressing uncommon sense of style, many of her fans ribbed her to pieces for coming out in her birthday suit, even on her birthday.

“Madam your boobs are not even firm so what are you showing us. This is why you have not blown because of cheap acts like this, learn to portray yourself in a positive light because a lot of young people are looking up to you. This picture is wrong… totally wrong. You are thanking God naked. May God help you. Learn from people like @genevievennaji @ritadominic @chiomakpotha @uchejombo #women with class,” says a fan.

Another fan named Sir Fred had no kinder words for the ‘Silent Scandal’ actress, “ Rubbish indeed….@iamchelseaeze So when you mistakenly get married, you will show this to your daughters and be proud abi?…..If you want to go nude then go do some pornography movie or so…Decent girls are decent in all their ways…..Chelsea my foot…,” he wrote.

Another fan called Ufuos Peace summed up the feelings of other disgusted fans as thus, “I am sure this lady will never try this rubbish again after reading all the comments on her pix,  I am sure your eyes will be swollen with tears by now because you caused it. This is not how to show God your appreciation, you messed up big time,” he said.