Stesi Cake Craft Training Centre holds first graduation

Stesi Cake Craft Training Centre holds first graduation



Stesi Cake Craft Training Centre, a privately owned institute of modern cake designing and sugarcraft has held its maiden graduation at a colourful event in Accra.

In all, 10 students graduated with certificates after six to nine months of training in  cake decoration and craft.

Creative Director of Stesi Ghana Limited, Ayotunde Adeusi said the bane of the catering industry in Ghana has been the non-adherence to professional ethics and standards.

She inidcated that, the cake industry in Ghana is still behind in the world of cake craft.

“Cake has gone beyond just the light and fluffy taste to elaborate art pieces, the world over. We need to step up our game. We have a lot of talents in the country some of which are already in the industry” Ayotunde stressed.

As an immediate measure, the Stesi Creative Director said they are committed to training willing people in the craft, art and designs of beautiful cakes to break into the wide international market and also maintain their local market share.

Ayotunde Adeusi is hopeful in about two to three years times, the cake industry in Ghana will caught up with the world and be the leading Country in Cake Craft Training, the world over.

Ms. Adeusi was full of praise for the expertise and touch of class that went into the decoration of the cakes by the students.

“I salute your resilience. You did not give up when money was in short supply to continue your course. Instead, you always sought ways to raise funds. I salute your courage” she added..

Ms. Adeusi urged them to be “outstanding in all your jobs. Dont stop learning so you can always be ahead of competition. Fly the banner of Stesi very high”.